Speed Foiling

Great for clients who want natural global highlights like Jenifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. It normally takes 20-30 minutes to foil a full head using this technique, plus processing time. When positioning foils above the ear line, an extra pair of hands is needed to hold the foil. Either your client can be asked to help or an apprentice. This technique can also be used to colour specific areas such as below the crown. Sections of foil large enough to cover an entire horizontal section were used. Regrowth needs to be done every 5-6 weeks.

You will need: Tail comb, tint brushes, tint bowls, 12 cm foil, large foil, sectioning clips.

Section Hair

Take a full section of hair, weave then place foil. The first few sections can be done by one person.

When the sections get too large, ask your client or apprentice to hold the foil on either side.

After applying colour, fold the foil and then refold. Be careful not to push the foil downwards.

Wide horizontal sections can be made until you reach the crown region.

For the crown, front & side use normal foiling sections and technique.

Suggestions using the Invision Colour, range

55GLB 10 grams, 5BB 5 gramsUltra Plus Bleach WhiteEmulsify10 Vol
66DB 10 grams, 5N 5 gramsUltra Plus Bleach White7IC20 vol
97BB 15 grams9UB 15 grams-10 vol

Please note: This is general information only and no guarantee of results is implied or given.