It is very important you do not drop your scissors or leave them on hard surfaces. When not in use keep them in your scissor pouch, case or rest them on a soft surface where they can not be knocked to the ground.

Keep your scissors clean

It is important to keep your scissors as clean as possible. Use a dry toothbrush to clean hair and debris from under the screw.

Tightening Scissors

Scissors may need to be tightened or loosened from time to time.

Use either the key provided or the manual screw to do this. Remember a fraction makes all the difference. Oiling at the screw point at the same time can aid in getting the right tension. If you open your scissors and look down the inside of the scissor blade you will notice it has a slight concave shape. Care needs to be taken not to over tighten scissors as this edge can be worn down prematurely due to over tightening or incorrect sharpening.

Keep corrosive materials off your scissors

Letting permanent wave solution sit on any part of your scissors will pit the surface, even stainless steel can be corroded by strong chemicals. Be sure to rinse any chemical solutions from your scissors immediately.

Only cut hair with your scissors

Never cut anything other than hair. Especially do not cut the top off perm bottles. Keep your scissors put away safely when not in use.

Keep your scissors lubricated

Proper lubrication keeps the metal parts that contact and slide against one another from wearing out prematurely while it gives the scissors that smooth effortless feeling you liked so much when yours scissors are new. This is because lubrication reduces the friction and drag between the contacting surfaces. Lubrication also aids in preventing rust and corrosion of the metal.

1. Put a drop of light oil or silicone lubricant between the blades at the "ride" (the crescent shaped area behind the pivot screw near the handles) and wipe the excess off with a cloth.

2. You may then wipe down the scissor blades with the cloth (Very Carefully as hair scissors are razor sharp) to coat the blades with a thin film of lubircant.

3. Do this at least once a week but preferable at the end of each day.