Optical Colour Impact!

Today we live in a very visual society. Expressive fashion clients are seeking cosmetics and haircare that allow them to convey their individual style. This is creating a demand for more daring, vibrant and exciting colour ranges, including more edgy tones.

De Lorenzo’s Novacolor range just got a whole lot more creative with the debut of Coloured Powder Lighteners. These limited edition Coloured Powder Lighteners saturate hair with intense bold colour, for long lasting impact. The lighteners contain colour molecules that are stable to alkaline conditions and the lightening process. The result is lift and deposit, permanent colouring in 20 minutes.

Novacolor Coloured Powder Lighteners are available in 3 colour tones which are ideal for partial colouring techniques including ballyage and ombre.


To achieve results true to colour swatch, Coloured Powder Lighteners are recommended to be used on levels 8-10. When used on darker bases the undertone will need to be taken into account e.g. when turquoise is placed on darker bases the result is green. Alternatively, pre-lighten darker levels with De Lorenzo Supanova or Novalite prior to use.

1. Apply Protein Complex to strengthen and Oil Balance to lubricate and protect.

2. Mix 10g Coloured Powder Lightener with 20g of up to 6% (20 vol) Novoxyl.

3. Apply to dry hair, using gloves.

4. Process for 10 minutes with no heat, then re-emulsify the Coloured Lightener on the hair using a colour brush. This ensures all actives are dissolved, for an even result.

5. Process for a further 10 minutes with no heat.

6. Rinse product completely from hair. Shampoo and condition with appropriate De Lorenzo products.


• On scalp, full head, application is not recommended due to the possibility of uneven results. • If there is dark colour build up, mild pre-lightening with Supanova or Novalite may be required. • Complete removal of the Coloured Powder Lightener may not be possible however it will fade over time or may be coloured over. • Purple Coloured Powder Lightener will eventually fade to a pink on levels 8-10. • These products contain colour molecules and as such can stain the skin and porous surfaces. Please take extra care when handling; use gloves and avoid product spillages.