What do I need to know?

I contain NO Bleach. Do not use on Hair that has previously been Coloured with henna or metallic salts and dyes. I will not remove Semi Permanent Hair Colour. I will not work if you are currently using Colour lock products.

What is in the box?

1 x 100ml Part A Permanent Hair Colour Remover. 1 x 100ml Part B Permanent Hair Colour Remover. 1 x Pair of Disposable Gloves. Don't Forget Colour Remover is resealable and reusable.

Quick Tip

Wrap your Hair in cling wrap while the Colour Remover processes. Rinse your Hair for up to 5 minutes in warm water and give your Hair 2-3 shampoos, once processing time is complete.

What if I want to re-colour?

For the best results, we recommend waiting at least 48 hours before re-Colouring. However, if you decide to Colour straight after Colour Removing, select a Hair Colour at least 2 shades Lighter (e.g. If you want to be a 5 select a 7).

Understanding Colour Remover

The 2 biggest factors that affect the Colour Removing process are:

1. The actual Colour of the Permanent Hair Colour you are trying to remove.

2. How long you have been Colouring your Hair for.

Basically, Darker Colours can be more difficult to remove, mainly because when using lower levels of Developer - example 20 Volume Developer - it can make it a little harder to remove the Colour. So you may need to Colour Remover twice.

Secondly, the longer you have been Colouring for - weeks, months, years - the longer it will generally take to remove the Colour. This generally means a few applications. Why? This is simply due to Colour build up. Colour build up occurs when you continuously Colour your Hair, making the Colour build up on your Hair. The more applications of Colour, the more Colour build up.

This means long time Colour users will most likely have a big Colour build up. Colour build up is a problem because it stops the entire Colour Removing process from working. It makes your Hair look the same as before you did the Colour Removing process, or it looks like the Colour has only half been removed.

The great thing about Colour Remover is you can use it regularly to clear out Colour build up. Plus Permanent Hair Colour Remover contains no Bleach, so its not damaging to your Hair.

So how do we get rid of Colour build up? Easy - Colour Remove! To begin to remove Colour build up, we encourage you to use our Permanent Hair Colour Remover once to simply remove the build up, before even thinking about going on to another Colour. Once the first application of Colour Remover is done, you should check to see if there is still Colour build up. To check if the build up has been removed, and if your next desired Colour will be reached, we suggest to do a strand test.

To do a strand test, mix a small amount of the desired Colour and Developer and use a piece of Hair taken from the back of the head and apply Colour to the Hair. After the appropriate development time, check to see if the Hair lifts to the Colour it should be. If it has lifted, proceed with applying the Colour and Developer to the rest of your Hair. If the Hair does not change Colour, there is still Colour build up and the Colour Removing process needs to be done again.

Colour Remover, although brilliant, is not a miracle worker. Colours such as black are incredibly hard to remove, and may not even be able to be shifted from your Hair without intervention from other Products.

Lastly, you must also remember, not all Hair is the same. Therefore, some cases need to be treated individually.