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Coating technique:

First seal the free edge of the nail. Then, apply to the nail plate in a thin, light application from cuticle to free edge. If you apply too thick a coat, your results will suffer.

UV curing technique:

Cure by placing hand in the LED light for 30 seconds (20 seconds for light colors) or a 36 Watt UV light for 2 minutes. Cure thumbs separately for best results.

Gel polish application:

  1. Sanitize the nails and your clients hands.
  2. Push back cuticle.
  3. Remove cuticle from nail plate.
  4. Shape the natural nail using your 240 grit file of choice.
  5. Gently remove the shine using the 100 grit side of a 100/180 Buffer.
  6. Remove the dust and clean the nail.
  7. Wipe the nail with Cleanser Plus using a lint free wipe.
  8. Apply Lidan Bond Aid Nail Prep to the nail plate in a thin coat.
  9. Apply Lidan Ultra Bond to the nail plate in a thin coat
  10. Apply Creazione Base Gel (see Coating technique).
  11. UV cure nails (see UV Curing technique).
  12. Apply Soak Off Gel Polish (see Coating technique). Application should be almost see-through on first coat.
  13. UV cure nails (see UV Curing technique).
  14. Remove some of the tacky surface residue with a clean dry brush or a clean dry lint free wipe. Do not use cleaner - keep dry.
  15. Add another coat and cure (repeat steps 9 to 11).
  16. Apply UV Top Coat (see Coating technique).
  17. UV cure nails (see UV Curing technique).
  18. Wipe off tacky surface residue with Cleanser Plus.
  19. Apply Cuticle Oil to the skin surrounding the nail.
  • Tip: For extra shine, apply Lidan No-Clean Top Seal (see Coating technique), then UV cure nails (see UV Curing technique).