Whether its for work, wedding or casual updo, this style can be dressed up or down.

You will need:


Start by dividing the hair into two sections - one high ponytail and one side part fringe section.
Place doughnut on pony tail. Secure hair ends to head with bobby pins. 
Spread hair to cover doughnut, securing with U pins into doughnut.
Take fringe section, twist and place under bun and around. Secure with bobby pins.
Finish off with spray to keep everything in place.


The diamanté heart can be placed in the middle of the bun. Alternatively flower pins can be distributed throughout the hair style or bun area. A clip in colour can be placed to the left of the bun, trailed around the base and secured with a bobby pin in the centre, leaving the end free.

Tip: For finer hair use shorter bobby pins and shorter U pins. (53mm) for longer hair (70mm).

Buns can be stretched out for a larger base.