Nova Artiste

Clay powder lightener for open air techniques. De Lorenzo's Nova Artiste allows you to be a master of design in free hand techniques. This versatile clay powder provides the freedom to create special hair painting effects with or without the need of foil or other covering tools.

Up to 6 levels of lift
Novoxyl Developer choice will depend on levels of lift required & quality of hair
Achieves more natural looking results & softer lines
Used for open air techniques, no foil or coverings are necessary but optional if preferred

Preparation of Hair

Apply Protein complex to strengthen & protect, concentrating on porous areas
Apply Oil Balance to lubricate & protect
Brush or detangle hair taking care to not irritate scalp
Mix according to directions. Section hair & apply via chosen techique & free hand tools

Directions: For Off-Scalp Application Only

1. Mixing ration 1:2 or 1:1 1/2 (thicker consistency). Example 20g of Nova Artiste Lightener with 40g of Novoxyl Developer
2. Mix Nova Artiste Lightener with Novoxyl Developer until a smooth cream is achieved
3. Layer the mix thick to create a framework around the hair, this cocoons the lightener inside to prevent drying
4. Develop up to 50 minutes until the desired lightness is achieved. Heat Is NOT recommended
5. Rinse product completely from hair
6. Shampoo & condition with the appropriate De Lorenzo products

Notes to Remember

The clay in the lightener dries slightly on the outside, to prevent the bleeding of colour
Use mixture immediately to prevent deterioration
Discard leftover lightener mixture