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Novacolor Colour Eliminator is a “no bleach” alternative, formulated to remove artificial colour up to 4 levels.

Points to consider: Use Colour Eliminator only when there is a need to remove artificial Colour. Do not use when more than 4 levels of lift are required. Fresh colour is more easily removed. If the colour has been in the hair for a long period of time, removal may be difficult.

Note: Colour Eliminator will not sacrifice the condition of the hair. If in doubt, conduct a strand test. Carefully cover and protect the client's clothing. Care must be taken to apply Colour Eliminator evenly. Observe progress of colour removal during processing every 5 minutes.


Step 1 Application

a) Apply Protein Complex and Oil Balance to the hair

b) Mix equal parts of A & B into a bowl

c) Apply with a brush to the appropriate areas & distribute evenly

d) Avoid areas not in need of colour removal.

e) Processing time varies according to colour depth and required result

f) Process with a cap covering all of the hair

g) Under heat expect about 1 level of lift every 5 minutes

h) Without heat expect about 1 level of lift every 10 minutes

i) Maximum processing time of 20 minutes

j) Rinse and re-apply only if desired result is not achieved or on hair with heavy colour build-up

Step 2 Product Removal

a) This step is very important, if hair is not rinsed thoroughly the colour will be reformed and the hair will become dark again

b) Rinse the hair for a minimum of 5 minutes, up to 10 minutes for thick hair

c) Shampoo with Absolute Deep Cleanser rinse and towel dry slightly

d) Repeat shampoo, don't rinse, cover and place under heat for 5-10 minutes. This will ensure removal of residual colour

e) Rinse again thoroughly and towel dry

Step 3 Oxidising Rinse

a) Mix 10g 3% De Lorenzo developer with + 20g warm water

b) Distribute throughout the hair and leave for 5 minutes

c) This will re-oxidise any residual colour within the hair

d) Again, thorough rinsing is necessary

e) Shampoo, condition and dry the hair

f) If recolouring is required proceed to step 4

Step 4 Re-Colouring

a) Prior to selecting colour re-assess the hair

b) If regrowth colour application is required, apply first, being extremely careful not to overlap onto Eliminator treated hair, process until five minutes are remaining.

c) Apply colour to remaining hair USING ONLY level 8 or 9 and 3% developer (1:1) or darker results will occur.

d) CHECK REGULARLY as the hair tends to “grab” colour quickly during this service.

e) Process for 5 to 30 minutes

f) Shampooo, lightly towel dry and apply Novaseal

g) Dry and style as required

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