Please note: The case studies give general information only and no guarantee of results is implied or given.

Sarah wanted to go from red to blonde. She had coloured her hair red for over a year so we explained it would take some time to achieve the desired result. We mentioned that we needed to ensure her hair stayed in good condition throughout the process.

Initially, we used MYHD colour remover with two seperate applications, processing each for 20 minutes. This was performed during one appointment and removed a great deal of red, leaving her hair a strawberry blonde. Her hair remained in good condition. Over the following week I asked Sarah to do a number of conditioning treatments using Extreme Treatment, Leave in Repair and to use Silk Heat Protector liberally.

The following week we did a full head of blonde foils, with Invision blue Ultra Bleach, Invision lightening Paste at a ratio of 1:1 with 6% developer on the roots and 1.5% on some ends to clean them out a bit more.

Two weeks later we did another head of foils, picking up any uncoloured strands, using the same product mix as before. We then toned globally using Titanium and 1.5% developer for 5 minutes. Sarah's hair was left in great condition and she was very happy with the result.

Heather wanted a natural blonde look. She had regrowth of around 5cm.

We did a half head of 2:1 foils using De Lorenzo highlift colours.

2:1 indicates we did 2 foils of mix (A) to 1 foil of mix (B), throughout her hair.

We used fine to medium size weaves, with natural hair left underneath.

Mix A: 15g Blonde Booster, 15g Ice violet blonde, 4g Smokey pearl, 68g 12% developer.

Mix B: 15g Ice beige blonde, 30g 12% developer. This was processed for an hour.

We also did two concealed slices of De Lorenzo Fairyfloss pink, with 3% developer at a ratio of 1:1 and processed for one hour. Unfortunately, the pink slices did not show up in our pictures.

Sharon had about 7cm of regrowth, at a level 7. She has a very sensitive scalp and throws alot of gold, even though her natural colour is ash. She wanted her hair very blonde, so we decided to do back to back foils to achieve the desired result.

We used Invision White Ultra Bleach, with Xcell Colour Accelerator and InVision 40 vol developer on the roots. Some of the ends were a bit warm, so we cleaned them up with Ultra Plus white bleach and 5% developer. We added heat and then processed for 20 minutes. We then toned quickly, using InVision Titanium Blonde and 5% developer.

We cut her hair into a solid style to add thickness to her fine hair. The result was a very light blonde, with her hair still in good condition.

Emma had regrowth of about 3cm and wanted low lights to break up the blonde and add a bit of tone variance.

We decided to alternate blonde highlights with two shades of low lights. Medium weaves were used for the highlights and fine weaves for the low lights.

For the highlights we mixed Invision white Ultra Bleach with Xcell Colour Accelerator and Invision 12% developer. For the first low light we mixed Invision 10 grams 5BB, 10 grams 5N with 20 grams of 3% Invision developer. For the second low light we mixed 5 grams 6N, 15 grams 7MB with 20 grams 3% developer.

Emma loved the cooler blonde effect and the two tone low lights added more volume to her hair.

Brenda had about 4-5 cm of 100%, resistant grey regrowth. She wanted more of a copper reflect with depth in the roots and lighter ends.

We foiled the top section with medium weaves and applied a mix of Invision white Ultra Bleach with Xcell Colour Accelerator and Invision 3% developer.

For the roots we mixed Invision Colour, 15 grams 8N, 5 grams of 7MB, 5 grams of 6GC with 6% developer at a ratio of 2:1 for grey coverage (12.5 grams of developer).

During the last 10 minutes of processing time, we applied 8 grams of 8N with 8 grams of 1.5% developer.

Finally, we rinsed the foils and emulsified them with the colour before rinsing all the hair thoroughly.

Brenda was pleased with the grey coverage and warm tonings of the copper.

Ann wanted a change for summer. She has 100% white, thick, coarse hair. We decided on a global warm, sandy blonde with a slice in the fringe and a funky short cut.

We lifted all over using 15 grams Invision white Ultra Bleach with Xcell Colour Accelerator and Invision 12% developer. We used 12% as her hair is coarse and there was some colour build up.

This was processed for 30 minutes as we wanted to retain some warmth to the overall tone. We rinsed her colour out and then shampooed using Silver Shampoo.

We then dried Ann's hair and did a root colour using 28 grams of Invision Colour 8N with 14 grams of 6% developer.

We then applied 3 grams of 6DRP Invision Colour with 3 grams of 3% developer to the slice in the fringe.

After 20 minutes processing we applied 12 grams of Titanium, 2 grams of 7B, mixed with 14 grams 3% developer to the mid lengths and ends.

We then cut Ann's hair leaving length at the nape and shortening the back, sides and ear area with texturizing to give lift and to take weight out of the hair. We left the fringe longer to frame the face.

For styling the hair we used Invision Silk Heat Protect and finger dried using the magic brush. We then applied Invision Tough Paste mixed with Argan Oil to give shape and shine.

Ann looks great with a trendy summer style that is easy to care for, while looking smart.

Tarryn had full head bleach, with about 3cm regrowth at a base level of 5. The condition was dry and frizzy. She wanted a complete change.

We decided on a contrast with blonde and violet. We started with blonde slices on top using Invision white Ultra Bleach with Xcell Colour Accelerator and Invision 12% developer on the root regrowth. On some ends we cleaned the blonde using Invision white Ultra Bleach with Xcell Colour Accelerator and Invision 5% developer. On the back section we did medium sized weaves using the same mix, with slices in between.

Then we coloured in between from roots to ends using 25 grams of 4VB Invision Colour with 25 grams of 3% developer with Xcell Colour Accelerator and on a few ends we used 25 grams of 4VB Invision Colour with 25 grams of 12% developer with Xcell Colour Accelerator to achieve different shades of violet.

Tarryn wanted to keep the length and as her hair was quite heavy, we sliced out the weight and added layers and shaping around her face. We then used Silk Heat Protector and Coconut Oil before blow drying and straightening. Tarryn was ecstatic with the result. The new colour accentuated her eye colour and skin tone beautifully.

Theresa had shoulder length, natural level 5, which she felt was dull and boring. Her 2 year old loved to pull her hair, so she wanted something short and funky.

We cut the back to the nape and texturized. On the sides we opened around the ears and left the top slightly longer than the back. On the front hair line and sides we added a lot of texture.

We coloured Theresa's hair using 15 grams Invsion Blackberry Invision Colour with 15 grams of 12% developer and Xcell Colour Accelerator.

We finger dried the hair using a mix of Invision Rock it out gel and Argan Oil

Theresa loves the easy care style and the vibrant colour which is a big feel good factor for this busy Mum.

This client had very chunky foils that she was unhappy with (left picture), so we wanted to do something that blended in better.

We did a full head of baby fine foils with Invision white Ultra Bleach 40 vol developer and then a full colour in between of 7bb 1/2,7n 1/4,8lb 1/4 Invision Colour 10 vol developer.

The result was an overall lighter colour that was more subtle (right picture).

Jay wanted a complete makeover, with colour and extensions.

We did a full head of foils using Invision white Ultra Bleach 40 vol developer and a root colour in between of 1/2 7BB 1/4 smokey pearl (De Lorenzo) ,1/2 7B with Invision Colour 20 vol developer at a ratio of 2:1.

We then then washed with silver shampoo and toned with 1/2 7bb and 1/2 7mb Invision Colour and 10 vol developer to achieve a Caramel shade to suit her skin tone.

Lastly we applied Tape-in hair extensions in #18 colour to give a slightly lighter tone.

She looked very glamourous with long, glossy hair and was ecstatic with the result.