Balayage Foiling

Drew Barrymores hair is a good example of contrast from dark to light, while Sarah Jessica Parker illustrates colour starting at varying heights.

Balayage foiling creates extreme contrast. It normally takes 20-30 minutes to foil, plus processing time. It is very creative as you can free-style paint to accentuate the clients hair style. Regrowth can be done every 6-10 weeks.

You will need: Tail comb, tint brushes, tint bowls,large size foil

Use the large size foil and cut it to the appropriate sizes. Section the hair.

Apply colour.

Fold one side of the foil inward, then the other side. Fold the bottom corner upward to avoid slippage.

Continue foiling the back and sides.

When you do the very front, hairline foil, take a section incorporating hair from both sides of the parting. Only take a small amount of hair (max 12 strands), for the best result. If too many strands are used it will look unnatural.

Suggestions using the Invision Colour, range

515 grams 5BB5 grams 6N, 10 grams 7MB10 grams 8LB10 vol
815 grams 8N5 grams 8N , 15 grams 9UBUltra Plus Bleach WhiteRoots 10 vol, Midlengths 20 vol, Ends 30 vol
85 grams 7N, 15 grams 8B15 grams 8BUltra Plus Bleach White, Tone with Ice Pearl BlondeRoots 10 vol, Midlengths 20 vol, Ends 20 vol, Toner 1.5 vol

Please note: This is general information only and no guarantee of results is implied or given.